20mm vs 30mm Quartz Worktop Thickness

20mm vs 30mm Quartz Worktop Thickness

Are you looking to install a new quartz worktop in your kitchen? If so, you probably want to know the difference between the two thicknesses: 20mm and 30mm. The answer depends on what kind of look you’re going for, how much protection you want for your worktops, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

The 20mm thickness of a worktop can be ideal for creating a slim, sleek, contemporary design and adding a modern flair to any room, while the stone is thinner, it still has the strength to withstand everyday use. 20mm quartz is typically more affordable than its 30mm counterpart. With being a thicker worktop, a 30mm quartz worktop naturally has additional material compared to a 20mm thick worktop. As you can imagine, the more the material there is, the higher the price per slab will be so if you have a budget to stick to, we will likely recommend you go for 20mm thick worktop.

For the rest of your kitchen, such as splashbacks, upstands, windowsills etc. we would suggest you choose 20 mm to maintain an elegant, sleek appearance. This is because splashbacks and similar pieces with a 20mm thickness look more appealing than those with a 30mm thickness because they do not extend quite as far from the wall.

Choosing a 30mm worktop for your kitchen can offer several benefits. Thicker worktops can provide a more seamless look, so you can opt for a wider range of edge profiles, giving your worktop a unique look and feel. 30mm worktops have a chunkier appearance compared to 20mm which may be selected for more grand, splendour kitchen designs.

Apart from the thickness, there’s no difference in the design patterns, colours, or veins of 20mm and 30mm quartz worktops. As a matter of fact, your family members and guests will notice the natural beauty of your quartz worktops as opposed to their thickness. Ultimately, the right thickness for your project will depend on your personal preferences and the specific requirements of your space.

Calacatta Vienna, 30mm

Calacatta Dorado, 20mm

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