5 stylish ways to add natural stone to your home beyond your kitchen

5 stylish ways to add natural stone to your home beyond your kitchen

We know we talk about natural stone kitchen worktops a lot - it's kind of our job. But this blog post is not about kitchens (well, mostly). In this blog we're looking at ways to add stone surfaces to your home that go beyond just your kitchen. Incorporating stones like marble, quartz or granite throughout your home not only gives you long lasting design features, but they also look gorgeous and can create a cohesive aesthetic and flow throughout your home. And did we mention it adds value when you sell your home down the line?

You can get creative with natural stone surfaces but here are some our favourite ways to include natural stone into your home.

1. Use natural stone in your bathroom

Adding stone textures to your bathroom gives you that luxury spa feel and creates a sanctuary that is tranquil and relaxing in your own home. What more could you want? 

For example, you can take inspiration from the Elms Hotel & Spa where we installed natural stone in the hotel bathrooms. We think they know a thing or two about creating restful and relaxing environments.

a natural stone bathroom interior with dramatic marble walls and floor

Natural stone in bathrooms is stylish and there is a reason that marble never goes out of style. It adds texture to a room and is sure to be an eye catcher in any bathroom, whether you’re going for a big statement slab of marble or a smaller surface area.

Most importantly, it is also easy to clean and maintain. People are often concerned about stone not holding up to the wear and tear of a bathroom. But remember the stone we supplied to the Elms Hotel & Spa? It needs to stand up to commercial use and daily cleaning. So we think it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to damage any natural stone bathroom with regular use.

2. Add a marble fireplace

A fireplace is usually at the centre of a home, bringing families and friends together. When considering incorporating a fireplace into your home, natural stone should be at the top of your materials list. It radiates heat for a longer amount of time than any other material, which will keep your home warmer for longer.

You can also use stone to add personality to your room. For a moody feel, you can go for black marble, and for a brighter aesthetic, go for light quartz.

3. Make a statement with your coffee table

If you like the idea of sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee, sat by your beautiful stone fireplace, then a stone coffee table may be the perfect way to tie the room together. The solidity of a stone coffee table is also guaranteed to ground the room.

a coffee table made from black and white veined natural stone in a living room interior

If you wanted to take the aesthetic one step further, maybe look at stoneware mugs?

4. Add a stylish gin bar

Coffee isn’t your thing, so how about something a little stronger? If you love hosting guests and want to impress, then incorporating natural stone in your home bar is for you.

You could even match it to your kitchen worktops to create cohesion throughout your home. With all the benefits of natural stone, whether you like your cocktails shaken or stirred, using the material for your home bar is a no-brainer.

a home bar with black tiles, a black stone worktop and green cabinets
[Source: Curated Interior]

5. Take your kitchen outdoors

Ok, for this one we cheated a bit, because we’re talking about kitchens despite what the title says. However, we’d argue that when it comes to look and feel, outdoor and indoor kitchens couldn’t be more different from each other.  

If you love gathering people in your home, an outdoor kitchen can come in super handy especially during the summer. After all, wouldn’t you rather cook outdoors and keep your guests company, than dashing back and forth?

For practical considerations, natural stone really is the best material for outdoor kitchens. It is strong and resistant, so it can stand up to both the British weather and the extreme cooking temperatures of barbecues or pizza ovens. Not only this, an outdoor kitchen will also boost the value of your home as it is a highly sought-after feature.

an outdoor kitchen with a pattern tiled wall, dark grey natural stone surfaces and a green barbecue unit
[Source: Ideal Home]

5. Get creative with natural stone artwork

If you love all these ideas and want to go one step further, how about adding some natural stone artwork? Marble sculptures and lamps can look great and provide a personal and creative touch to your home. From geometric to carved, there stylistic options are sure to match any style.

one black and one white donut shaped marble sculpture on brass stands
[Source: Etsy – Awainterior]

The possibilities of natural stone are endless and throughout the years it has been used for interior features and accents for a long time. Whether you decide to use it practically in a kitchen or bathroom, or decide to get creative, let us know how you use natural stone throughout your home.

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