Adding the Wow-Factor to your Kitchen

As a general rule, a kitchen is one space where we keep things relatively plain and simple with decor. However, with more and more of us opting for open plan living situations, the kitchen has never been more central to the home. This gives the perfect opportunity for your kitchen to get that striking look making it the centrepiece of the home. via pinterest

Start from the Bottom 

Good Quality flooring is one of the first things someone will notice when entering the kitchen space. Wooden parquet, tiling, and concrete all have a practical finish but look amazing and can be the starting point for colour scheme or style in the kitchen. Starting your kitchen design by focussing on the flooring also allows you to mix up the materials at a later stage to create a show stopping combination. A tiled floor could compliment contrasting worktops in shade or pattern and a concrete floor can be warmed with softer natural materials or colours for the units. via Pinterest

Expansive Islands

Lots of kitchen designs we see now are choosing that bigger is better, particularly when it comes to kitchen islands being the centre of the room. A large island is pretty impressive on its own, with the stone patterning and glossy finish of the worktops becoming a feature of its own, but also allows for different options within the island. Through integrating unusual design features, the island can really become the star of the kitchen. 

Putting the sink or hob within the island is not only a functional feature but also draws the eye and centres the kitchen around the cooking area. Another option for large islands is to integrate a seating/dining area, most commonly done with a breakfast bar overhang on the island and using high bar stools underneath. This can also be done in a more unusual way through making the island fit around a seating area such as having a curved ‘booth’ style seating arrangement as an addition to the island. Via Pinterest

Colours all around 

Choosing colours to accent features of your kitchen, for example a blank wall, is a great way to wow. For a smaller integration of colour, go flashy with your handles choosing gold or bronze and bring life to your kitchen units. Bright coloured cabinetry can be a statement that works well if muted with other neutral colours for flooring or worktops, coloured cabinetry can be a trendy way to create a bold kitchen. Two tones can also work well with one bright and one more neutral, drawing the eye to a section of the kitchen whilst keeping a refined look. via Pinterest

Unique Features

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, choosing a unique feature to centre your kitchen around can’t go wrong in creating the wow-factor. Curved island pieces, or islands that integrate an unusual feature such as a wooden chopping board extension (where the worktop curves around the edge of the wooden piece or the wooden piece sits on top) really centre the kitchen and provide a focal point. 

Another option would be to choose a really unusual design for a feature wall in stone or tiles that draw the eye to this area of the space. A full height backsplash in a marble pattern can be the feature wall of the kitchen, and really has the special look.

Patterned Stone 

In terms of worktops, adding the wow factor is not hard with the many hundreds of design options available in Quartz, Granite and Porcelain worktops. Choosing a pattern which flows across the stone can add lots of texture and granite is perfect for this with it’s natural swirls and pattern. 

To choose something unique, Granite is the way to go as even if you were to have the same stone as someone else, the chances are it will look pretty different! What’s more, granite comes in all kinds of bright and unusual colours such as lilac and gold. Another option would be to go for a heavier marbling pattern where the veining is a prominent feature.

If you're looking for way to add the wow-factor to your new kitchen, or to replace your existing worktops, talk to Purple! Drop us an email at to request a free quote, or book an appointment online to visit one of our showrooms in Worcester or Kidderminster where you can view our range!

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