Cottage Kitchens: Creating Rustic Charm

Creating character within a kitchen, particularly when remodelling, is not an easy feat! Whether you live in a period country cottage or are after that homely look associated with older homes, we’ve laid out our tips for creating that rustic charm! 

Creating a welcoming feel with wooden elements is a key part of a rustic kitchen, and in traditional cottages or farmhouses, the kitchen is certainly the heart of the home meaning that cooking and preparing food are not the only use points and often a dining area is integrated. For a rustic feel, a vintage wooden kitchen table is a quirky addition that is both useful and stylish. A large kitchen table also focuses the kitchen around a central point perfect for family dinners and guests alike.

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Natural/Neutral Colours are the way to go in creating the traditional look without making a space too dark and uninviting. Units in wooden finishes, with shaker style being the most popular, add a neutral colour base to the kitchen but also have a more traditional look. For a more modern twist, using light neutral colours such as beige and cream painted units can brighten the space without leaning away from the cottage style. 

If your home is a period property, always consider custom cabinetry as the walls and nooks of older homes can be unforgiving for standard sizes and shaped units! Bespoke cabinetry is the best solution for getting around those uneven spaces, luckily with stone worktops, we can cut to fit any shape and crevice meaning you will always get what you want!

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Introduce colour with Granite worktops in your kitchen while maintaining the traditional style. Granite is perfect for bringing colour and originality to the kitchen as each slab is unique and incorporates many different shades and colours! At the same time the stone is extremely hard wearing making it perfect for busy home kitchens. Granite can also be used in combination with wood bringing even more of the rustic look, for example with a wooden butchers block island but Granite for the worksurfaces near cookers and sinks where it will outperform wood!

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AGA range cookers create a warm central feature of the kitchen, and are traditional in country homes. With constant heat coming from the space it creates the perfect place to curl up with a cup of tea! More modern range style cookers are energy efficient and can be switched off but maintain the rustic look.

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Carpets make an already cosy kitchen further inviting and add texture to the look of the space, and protect your feet from the often-cold flooring of a period property. Carpeting can also bring an element of colourfulness and pattern to an otherwise neutral space and some individual style!

If you are renovating an old property, building an extension, or updating your worktops, talk to us! Message us via our website for information, browse our range or book an appointment to visit our showrooms! For enquiries, email or call our team on 01562549100 for a free quote!

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