Crowd Pleasing Kitchen Design

Crowd Pleasing Kitchen Design

Our kitchens are, undeniably, the heart of the home. Whether you love to cook, or love to host, the kitchen is where we gather our families and friends and as such, it deserves to be a crowd pleasing space! 

The practical side of deciding how to design your kitchen should take into account not only hosting parties and guests, but also normal family cooking and dining. Check out some of our suggestions of the best ways to make your kitchen a crowd pleasing design and a practical space you will love! 

Circular Islands: Curved islands add a focal point to the space in your kitchen and adds a stylish element in contrast with the cabinetry. Circular islands are also amazing for creating a collaborative cooking and dining experience. Being able to cook across from where guests are sitting means you won’t have to run back and forth from the table to the kitchen when preparing and serving, making this layout perfect for those who love to host! 

An alternative to this would be to have a long island with curved ends, on these ends an overhang can be used to seat guests as a breakfast bar area. Plus maximising the seating side of the island by creating a curved worktop space means there is room for all the family. Purple can cut to any measurements and can customise an island with corners or even create a circular island, ask our experienced sales team about what would work best in your kitchen! 

Breakfast Bars: Using a breakfast bar instead of a solid island piece within your kitchen can also create a great open environment as the dining area is combined with the food preparation space meaning your guests can sit and relax whilst watching you chef it up! 

Gaining dining space doesn’t necessarily mean losing out on storage space as a combination of the two can be found with drawers and cupboards on one or both sides with an overhang creating the breakfast bar in the middle. Create a versatile space that works for everyone with a breakfast bar in Quartz or Granite! 

Multi Level Island: Having a multi level island not only creates extra workspace and serving area but is perfect for adding space for stools and a seating space that is integrated with your preparation space. 

A lower level seating area can be created which is perfect for children, or a higher area, ideal for tall bar stools. This is also an ideal set up if you have appliances within your island as it clearly separates the area for cooking and the area for eating! Using different levels in your kitchen also adds an eye catching design feature and is a unique look which would look great in a patterned quartz colour! 

L Shaped design and open living: Having an L shaped kitchen which opens out to your dining or living area is another great way to make sure that you can keep guests or family entertained whilst keeping an eye on everything going on in the kitchen! This style of kitchen layout also maximises space in smaller kitchens and provides a peninsular which is multi purpose! This multifunctional worktop space is perfect for parties and groups as it is the perfect area to lay out a spread of food without everyone being in the kitchen space! 

Using these design ideas means your Quartz or Granite worktops will add to your kitchen’s look and practicality, and whether you're serving up family dinner or preparing for a party with friends, these layouts will be perfect for making the most of your space and transforming your kitchen! 

If you like the sound of these ideas and are looking for new worktops, or simply fancy replacing your current ones, talk to us! Email plans or measurements to or call 01562549100 for more information and a free quotation!

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