How to style your kitchen counters for form and function 

How to style your kitchen counters for form and function 

Styling kitchen counters requires a certain balance between making your kitchen look great but at the same time keeping things functional. You want to keep essentials at hand and your worktops tidy. After all, the kitchen is one of the most utilised rooms in a house and in addition to frequent use, regular cleaning is essential to make sure your kitchen counters remain looking like new.  

Decorative vases, bottles and other non-essentials may look cute, but who wants to move around all kinds of tchotchkes when cleaning their kitchen? Here's a few ways to refresh your kitchen counters that combine both form and function.  

Free up your kitchen counter space 

This one is a bit obvious. Anything that isn’t stored on your kitchen worktop, also doesn’t need to be moved when cleaning said worktop. And after all, you didn’t buy that beautiful new white marble worktop just to hide it underneath all kinds of clutter.  

One solution that’s equal parts simple, genius and nice to look at is a macramé fruit hammock. It frees up valuable kitchen counter real estate and keeps your fruits easily accessible, making sure you don’t forget about your five a day. If you’re into crafts projects, you could even try your hands at DIYing one. 

Another way to keep things off the counter is to go vertical. For example, you can use a cake stand or étagère to maximise your countertop real estate. A tiered cake stand can easily double or triple the available space. They are also easy to clean around if you already own one, using it on the kitchen counter frees up shelf space.

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Stone on stone aesthetics

Did you have a hard time picking out your kitchen counter colours? Maye you were torn between a glossy black quartz countertop and a clean white marble surface. Or maybe you couldn’t decide between two different shades of grey granite. Our next tip for styling kitchen counters lets you get the best of both worlds.

Natural stone cutting boards come in a variety of colours and can really elevate your kitchen counter. They give your kitchen worktops a sleek look while also being useful. Bonus points: get a quartz cutting board because they are more resistant to scratches so you can combine form and function.

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Add some greenery to your kitchen counters

Who doesn’t like cooking with fresh herbs? It’s not only delicious but also more sustainable than buying herbs packaged in plastic bags. And it’s a scientific fact that herbs taste 100 times better when you’ve grown them yourself. But don’t quote us on this, just try it for yourself and confirm our theory. If you store them in a tray, you can easily move them around when cleaning your kitchen counters.

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We hope this has given you a few ideas on how to decorate your kitchen worktops. Feel free to show us your results on social media and if you’ve got any other ideas, do let us know. We’re always keen to find out new ways to make kitchen surfaces look better.

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