Key Elements of a Modern Kitchen

If you’re having a brand new kitchen, in all likelihood, you’re going to want a modern look that is both timeless and on trend! Balancing between the style of the kitchen, often with sleek lines and minimalism, and the practical uses of the space can be a challenge. However, the final result is definitely worth the struggle, and creating your ideal aesthetic whilst keeping the space functional will transform the way you use your kitchen. 

The cabinets you choose make a big difference to the overall appearance of the room; their colour and style makes up a large portion of the visible part of the kitchen. Therefore, creating a sleek appearance with gloss units and handleless designs will create clean lines and highlight the simplicity of the design and modern look. For any hardware that is visible choose a polished effect, and maintaining a single colour for units can also be a great way to achieve this simple, pared back look! 

For lighting, pendant lights can express individual style whilst not being overly ‘frilly’ and using LED strips under your cabinets or along the edge of the worktop can add a futuristic, fun aspect to the kitchen. 

Another aspect of creating a modern kitchen look is having your appliances seamlessly integrate into the space, and using the latest technology to do so. A hidden extractor fan within your worktops means your hob is not limited in where it can be placed, plus looks streamlined with the kitchen. There are many further ways to achieve the seamless look with all of the necessary appliances, for example Coffee machines that integrate into tall units meaning your worktops are left clear, or pantry cupboards that hide your microwaves and other appliances. 

Having those clean lines, created by the sleek cabinetry and clutter free sides, is definitely an essential part of the modern style. Whilst considering the practicalities of family life, maintaining clutter-free sides could easily become a full time job. Therefore, choosing storage solutions that are functional and simple but in keeping with the design of the space is important. Shelving within cabinets can be a great way to integrate storage that suits your needs (customise the height of the shelves for different pantry items like spice jars or crockery!) whilst neatly tucking away small items meaning the overall effect of the room remains uncluttered. Using all corners of the room and minimising exposed storage like shelving also keep the streamlined appearance of the kitchen. 

Clear sides in your kitchen also have the benefit of drawing the eyes to the natural materials and makes the large blocks of the kitchen, the units and the worktops, stand out. Whilst stripping back on ornaments and decoration creates the sleek look, to stop the kitchen from appearing too bare, consider using end panels on your island or at the end of your units run to make your worktops the starring feature. This works especially well with marble effect Quartz colours where the patterning can flow across the stone and draw the eyes.

The benefits of using a material like Quartz for a modern kitchen are endless, the sheer number of different colours, patterns and finishes means that there is a Quartz product to suit any kitchen colour scheme and combine for a stylish effect. What’s more, the durability means the worktops will stand the test of time, not only in their appearance but also in their performance. 

If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen, or update your existing worktops to complete the modern look, talk to Purple! Visit one of our showrooms in Kidderminster or Worcester to see our selection of products and chat with our team about how your new worktops can transform your kitchen. 

To get started with Purple, call us on 01562549100 or 01905676313, make an appointment online or drop your kitchen plans over to us in an email: now! 

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