Kitchen Island Designs: What Should You Know?

Kitchen islands are a must-have feature for many new homeowners and those redesigning their kitchen space and can be a great addition to any kitchen creating a focal point for cooking, dining, and entertaining. When thinking about how to integrate islands into your kitchen design there are a few things to consider which will make a big difference in the overall use of this feature! 

Considering how you will use your island in day-to-day life is a great place to start, as the island will undoubtedly be the centre of the kitchen space. Whether you’re thinking of the dining space an island will create, the storage available, or the food preparation area, it is necessary to consider these options to be able to choose the units and features to best suit your lifestyle needs.

If multifunctionality is important, having a partial breakfast bar as well as appliances integrated into the island may be the perfect solution as a cross between creating a casual dining space with bar stools and having the space to prepare and cook food as well. This Herringbone Kitchen beautifully combines a casual dining space for two with the island as the focal point of the cooking adjoining the range and sink in either corner. 

Appliances such as your sink or hob can be a great way to aid the cooking process with the central area of the kitchen having everything you need, but smaller appliances can also add to the benefits of the space. For family life, pop up sockets or USB charging ports integrated into the top or side of the island can save on endless cables and chargers taking up space and looking messy on the sides- alternatively wireless charging docks can take this a step further with a completely wireless approach! via pinterest 

Other storage features can also benefit the island making the most of the space in the units and prioritising functionality. Wine coolers or customised wine storage is perfect for those who love to host and drawers containing your recycling and general rubbish bins are a necessity! 

When considering the overall look of the island and the way in which it will blend or contrast with your other kitchen units, there are a few directions to go. Choosing the same colour cabinetry and continuing your granite or quartz worktop on your island creates a streamlined, cohesive appearance. Alternatively, having complimentary colour cabinets or a contrasting island worktop can also make a statement and draw the eye to the island as a feature. This may work particularly well if your kitchen is part of an open plan living space and the colour or finish of the island cabinets or worktops can integrate the spaces of the kitchen with the rest of the living area.

Large islands are a great choice to show off the stone’s features, especially if you’re having a patterned or natural stone, but are still limited to 3000mm without joints, less if access is a consideration. Don’t forget that with stone worktops you can also customise your space, if you would like a curved island or are including a butchers block or chopping board we can work around this with your stone. Similarly, if you are after a unique look, a curved or shaped island may be the perfect solution. 

Whether you’re having a new kitchen and maximising your space to your needs or just revamping your existing kitchen with some new features, our team at Purple can help transform your kitchen! Talk to us by emailing or calling 01562549100. Alternatively you can make an appointment to visit our showrooms in Kidderminster or Worcester.

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