Kitchen Layout Ideas: 4 Simple Designs for a perfect Kitchen!

When it comes to the layout of your kitchen, a clever design is essential in getting the most out of the space available. Having an efficient use of the shape of the room also means considering how you and your family will be using the kitchen as well as creating a stylish appearance. Whilst cooking may be the focus, many kitchen designs now incorporate multiple ‘zones’ for dining, food preparation, and living space. Having enough workspace to get everything you need done is only one aspect of the design, and considering which format will suit your needs in a wider context of the home is essential.

L Shaped Kitchen from Lizzie Orme Via Ideal Home

L Shape - an L shape design, using only two walls of a room is a popular choice for the space it leaves for designing the rest of the room, as well as the fact that an island can easily be added and adjusted to fit the space perfectly. The worktop runs show a flow around the space to direct the gaze and can be book ended with full height cabinetry meaning there is ample storage. This is also a versatile kitchen layout which works in any style of home and can easily be adapted to incorporate a dining table into the centre of the area whilst maintaining the two worksurface runs as a ‘traffic free’ zone meaning there will not be people wandering past constantly.

U Shaped Kitchen via Q N Designs

U Shape - 3 sides with worktops are very practical for cooking with two people with space to move around, this can also have the addition of an island in the centre of the space or a breakfast bar at the end of one of the runs providing seating and a designated dining area. Having a full 3 sides also gives the kitchen the perfect working design with the hob, sink and fridge each on a different run meaning that you can transition between the spaces easily. This design option also gives the worktop a chance to shine and can be a great chance to use a patterned, or marbled stone!

Kitchen island and run via Real Homes

Island and Run - if you are looking for a kitchen design to break up an open plan or spacious living area, a large island with a single complimentary run can work well. Having the kitchen as part of a larger open plan area is ideal for entertaining. The island works as a multifunctional space and can combine both dining and cooking areas, with plenty of space for cooking appliances, storage, and a wine fridge. Positioning a hob facing outwards from the island into the space also ensures that you can be sociable whilst cooking and prepping dinner for guests or family and having this balanced with seating means there is a focus to the kitchen area.

Galley Kitchen via Architectural Digest

Galley - A Galley kitchen, with two runs on opposite walls and a walkway in the middle makes the most out of a narrow kitchen, and is ideal for chef-ing it up as everything you need is in close reach. The two parallel runs mean all your appliances could be close together, but positioning the hob and sink on opposing sides helps with the flow of the space. Positioning your storage and units cleverly can also create an ergonomic design with your cabinets or drawers for pots and pans surrounding your hob space. Whilst opportunities for storage are clear in a traditional galley kitchen which is rather long, avoiding too many tall cabinets is a good idea as this can impede on light and can make the kitchen feel busy. 

Regardless of the overall look you are going for, refining the simple design elements to make sure that the structure and shape of the kitchen will work for you is imperative. Whether thinking about hosting and cooking for a party, or your everyday cooking and usage, using these basic layouts will help with the placement and design of your kitchen. If you’re designing a new kitchen, having an extension, or replacing an existing kitchen, talk to us! Using Purple for your worktops is easy, all we need to quote is a plan and some details about the kind of thing you are looking for. Get in touch with us by calling 01562549100 or emailing now! 

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