Kitchen Refresh: Easy Ways to Change Up your Space

Painted Kitchen cabinets via Charleston Crafted

If you are dreaming of a full renovation but don’t quite have the budget, or have a usable kitchen that just needs a bit of an update, refreshing your kitchen could be the perfect solution. There are a range of options that can alter the kitchen to varying degrees and can align with different budgets to suit your needs. 

Without ripping the whole kitchen out, or moving any walls, smaller changes can also make a big difference, making the room more to your taste or updating a space. Because these can be done without reconfiguring any of the space, these renovations are both quicker and easier than your average renovation project but can totally refresh the kitchen. 

Instead of replacing your units, changing the colour of the units can make a massive difference to the room as a whole and the style of the kitchen. Depending on the finish you choose, changing the cabinet colour can be an easy process of simply sanding and painting with a new colour. Whilst this is a quick fix, it’s also very cost effective and makes a big impact. So, if you’re looking to update an old style to the latest colour palette or incorporate your style into a neutral kitchen consider painting your units. 

Whilst changing worktops may seem like a big alteration, with Purple’s worktop replacement service it’s an easy and seamless process. Changing your worktop colour makes a massive impact on the space, and can be great for modernising a kitchen if that is your goal! Swapping your worktops for Quartz or Granite is not only ideal for changing the look, but is also a more durable option for kitchen work surfaces. With a wide range of Quartz, Granite, and Ceramic products available our team will be able to find a product that suits your requirements for both look, and durability. The best part about replacing your worktops with us, you will only be without your worktops for half a day and our worktop replacement service is fully inclusive, meaning we take care of everything from sinks and taps to hob replacement.  

For smaller changes, that can still make a big difference, swapping your handles and kitchen hardware can be a subtle way to modernise, or add some of your personal style into the kitchen design. A new tap can freshen up an island without much hassle and can even be done DIY! Replacing cabinet handles can draw the eye and can incorporate personal style, whilst also tying the colour scheme of the room together. 

Similarly, lighting, especially pendant lights have a big impact. Swapping an old lighting fixture for a modern or feature light can be a great solution to refreshing the space without breaking the bank! Lighting can also be the perfect ‘on trend’ addition or add a sense of style to the kitchen. 

Soft furnishings, whilst often overlooked in the kitchen, can change the feel of the space. Putting up new artwork can transform unused walls within the kitchen and can draw together the colours or patterns of the room as a whole, especially when done at the same time as another change, such as replacing your worktops. 

If you're thinking of changing your worktops as part of a Kitchen Refresh, talk to us! To get started, send us an email at, call 01562549100 or book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms!

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