Kitchen Trends 2022

Our Kitchens have always been spaces that are multifunctional within our homes, but 2021 has once again shown the requirements for a versatile space that can adapt to our lives and circumstances. With almost everyone having worked from a home office at some point in 2021, our homes have never been more important in providing these multifunctional spaces. 

Looking to the new year, the trends due to be popular in 2022 perhaps reflect the need for calm within our homes with neutral and natural being the theme running through our trend predictions. Being able to relax in our space has never been more necessary than in the last year!

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Neutral Shades 

Throughout this year, we have seen more and more development of the Scandinavian minimalist trend in interiors. In line with this is the increase in requests for neutral colours, specifically creams and browns for worktops! Choosing a light neutral worktop softens the look of the kitchen as a whole and is a choice that will not age. Neutral colours throughout the kitchen are not only trendy with the Scandinavian look that remains popular this year, but are also extremely versatile letting your individual style shine with featured items in soft furnishings, flooring or texture.

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Greens of all shades have remained popular throughout this year and look to continue into the new year. With different shades having vastly different impacts on the look of the kitchen, the green trend is something that can be adapted to suit any interior style. Mint Green cabinetry, pairs with light, modern kitchens for an earthy look that retains the brightness of a modern space and creates an open feel. Neutral green shades, often seen in combination with wood and other natural materials provide a sense of indoor/outdoor within the home and can work well next to textured tiling, or bold patterns. Dark Green colours, like Forest Green is another tone shooting up in popularity. Darker green has an expensive, heritage look and suits a brighter space. For a bold combination, combining green with light stones such as marble effect Quartz colours or plain white allows the jewel tones to contrast with other colours within the kitchen for a stylish overall effect. 

Carrara Flowery Worktops via Purple Granite

More Marble 

Marble work surfaces are remaining popular over 2022 with the subtle variations by far the leader! Depth and dimension is added to light worktops with mottled or marbled stones but can also retain the clean lines and minimalist look that white worktops allow. This effect is amplified when stone is used in large pieces such as the vast islands that remain extremely popular in kitchen design, the addition of end panels on islands, or full height backsplashes. 

The subtle marble trend also plays into the desire for natural materials as the pigmenting of veins in the marble effect is a more organic design than the striking veins that have been popular in previous years.

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Wood and natural material 

Along with the desire for long lasting and sustainable choices in modern home design, using wood for kitchen units and flooring is re-emerging as a popular style for its timelessness and versatility. Choosing wood as a neutral coloured unit also allows for experimentation with the worktop style with contrasting dark worktops adding a chic modern look or bright worktops adding a polished, minimalist design. Using wood also has a calming effect within the space which is perfect for when our kitchens need to serve as home offices, entertaining spaces as well as their normal functions.

Through these trends, it is clear that the home design of 2022 reflects our need for calm within our spaces and how our use of the home is changing! If you're looking to get a new kitchen this year, or renovate your existing kitchen by replacing your worktops, talk to us! Drop us an email to discuss your plans or requirements at or call our team on 01562549100. To see our range, take a look through our website, book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms in Worcester or Kidderminster, or check out our social media for some inspiration!

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