Made in Kidderminster...

Made in Kidderminster...

We had the honour of Made in Chelsea star and influencer Caggie choosing us to do her bathroom and kitchen worktops. The standout feature of her home renovation is undoubtedly the marble, as Caggie personally handpicked her favourite slabs for each room. The bathroom and kitchen, adorned with these exquisite marble pieces, serve as the focal points of the design. It's clear that Caggie's impeccable taste has transformed her living spaces into a haven of luxury and charm, showcasing the perfect harmony between modernity and classic opulence.

The selected marble for the kitchen, known as Calacatta Cohen Gold, complemented the copper island top and the Farrow and Ball Green cabinetry beautifully. We handled the templating, fabrication, and installation of the marble, and even added shelves to the kitchen for an additional touch of elegance! The Calacatta Cohen Gold marble we used is particularly stunning, boasting rich, warm gold tones and striking grey veins. This classic-looking marble is highly sought after for kitchen renovations due to its timeless appeal. So if you are looking for stunning and beautiful worktops that make a statement, look no further than Calacatta Cohen Gold marble!

The next project on the list was the bathroom, where Caggie opted for the exquisite Calacatta rose marble. We adorned the shower with this marble and incorporated it into the top of the bathtub as well. This marble features a beautiful range of pink, peach, and grey hues, making it a truly exceptional stone. With the natural veining and unique colour variations of the Calacatta rose marble, the bathroom exuded a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication that truly set it apart.

Working with Caggie to help create her dream kitchen and bathroom was an absolute pleasure. Throughout the process, Caggie's enthusiasm and creativity shone through, making the project not only enjoyable but also inspiring. The end result was a beautiful, functional kitchen and a relaxing, elegant bathroom that truly reflected Caggie's unique style and personality.

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