Our 6 favourite kitchen design trends in 2022

Our 6 favourite kitchen design trends in 2022

Kitchen design trends are always evolving and we love to keep up with the newest kitchen inspiration. After all, no matter how much we can (and will!) geek out over beautiful worktops, they wouldn’t be much use without the kitchens surrounding them. So, let’s dive into some of our favourite kitchen design trends and #kitchengoals.

1. Broken plan replaces open plan

First up, before going into kitchen design details, let’s have a look at general kitchen layouts. In the past decade, it was all about open plan kitchens, that offer a bright and sociable space. We increasingly see this replaced by “broken plan” kitchens.

Broken plan kitchens are all about breaking down a big open space kitchen into different zones. In this way, dedicated areas are created based on how the kitchen is used. There’s something very satisfying about getting the maximum function out of your kitchen, without sacrificing the open feel of it.

Where open plan kitchens use textural elements and colours to divide the space, broken plan is all about adding structural elements that separate different areas but keep the open feel. Examples for such elements include half walls, shelves, glass partitions or other space dividers.

In this way, you can create privacy when needed as well as control noise levels and unwanted kitchen smells – the biggest negatives of open plan kitchens. Broken plan kitchens also come with additional wall space which can be utilised for storage or decoration.

2. Smart appliance storage solutions

We love a good kitchen gadget, but that doesn’t mean we want them to clutter up our counters. And let’s be honest, we don’t want to hide our beautiful worktops either. So we’re a big fan of this kitchen design trend. Smart storage solutions not only hide away electric appliances, they also leave our kitchens looking clean and organised.

3. Recycled and upcycled kitchen furniture

This kitchen design trend is both very affordable and also good for the environment. Second hand furniture is having a moment and we are here for it. There are loads of great vintage finds out there and we’ve definitely fallen into a rabbit hole or two browsing through Facebook Marketplace.

Most pieces are in great shape or only need minor work. Whether you need to sand off some scuffs, change the hardware or personalise it with a pop of colour, there are many ways to fix up used furniture and give it a new life. And the best part, you end up with a unique piece for your kitchen that has its own story and doesn’t cost the earth – figuratively and literally.

4. Seamless splashbacks

This trend is all about making a statement with your worktops and backsplash. We particularly love how the seamless flow between horizontal and vertical elements gives any kitchen a luxurious feel. But they don’t just look lush, they are also easy to clean and there’s no need to worry about the grout getting greasy.

Photo by Huntsmore - Look for kitchen design inspiration

5. Satisfyingly organised pantries and larders

We don’t know about you, but we love looking at Pinterest boards of meticulously organised pantries and kitchens. All those beautifully stacked containers, neatly labels jars and baskets, and smart storage solutions are not just nice to look at but also make your storage space more functional. It may take a bit of time to initially sort through all your ingredients, but it also means everything has its own place and the labels help put things back where they belong.

6. Making statement

Gone are the days of minimalistic surfaces. A big kitchen design trend these days is all about being bold and adding textural elements. One way to do this is by adding heavily veined marble or quartz. Our personal favourites include the Unistone Nero Marquina quartz, the CRL Vesuvius marble effect quartz and the Calcatta marble.

Photo by CAST - by The London Joinery Co. - Discover kitchen design inspiration

So, what do you think, will you implement any of these kitchen design trends in your home?

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