Our favourite 2023 kitchen trends

Our favourite 2023 kitchen trends

By nature of our business, we see a lot of new kitchens installed and talk to a lot of kitchen designers. This means we have a good idea of where kitchen trends are heading and of course we’re happy to share this knowledge with you. To give you inspiration for your kitchen renovation, we have pulled together some kitchen trends that we’re expecting to see more of in 2023.

Marble without the hassle

Are you toying with the idea of using marble in your kitchen, but you’re afraid of the upkeep? While we’d argue that it’s really not as bad as long as you avoid a few things, we also have just the right trend for you to try.

We’ve seen some very cool kitchen designs where instead of being used for worktops, marble is used for shelving. This lets you add that gorgeous natural marble look, but with much less risk of spills. And even if a food container were to leak, it’d be very easy to hide a stain on a shelf.

Of course, this kitchen trend also works with other stones like granite and quartz.

A kitchen with a calacatta marble splashback and shelf.
Source: Alison Giese Interiors

Colourful Marble

While we’re on topic, let’s talk a bit more about marble. It’s safe to say that marble is always on trend, it’s a classic after all. However, up until now we’ve mainly seen marble in neutral tones. For 2023, we’re expecting to see an array of colours pop into kitchens everywhere to make a statement.

We’re seeing designers make a move towards bold blends of different styles and bold colours. Keep an eye out for strong hues, expressive stones like Rojo Alicante and Vert Olympia marble, and unconventional material combinations.

A grey kitchen with white subway tiling and a patterned green stone worktop.
Source: Coco Lapine Design

Sustainable design choices

Be it for the environment or due to the cost-of-living crisis, we have all become increasingly aware of our consumption. We predict that this will continue to be a focus in designing and decorating homes in 2023. Whether this is done by using repurposed, reclaimed or recycled materials, or by choosing longer lasting resources, this is a (kitchen) trend that we strongly believe in.

Now, we fully admit that we are biased when it comes to quality stone worktops. But with a view to a sustainable future, we believe it is important to invest in timeless and statement pieces that will last a lifetime. In the same spirit, we expect to see more combined materials, upcycling, and hand-crafted kitchens.

Slab Splashbacks

Using natural stone as a splash back instantly adds character and an element of luxury to any kitchen. Not to mention that depending on the pattern of the stone, you can create an instant eyecatcher with a slab splashback. Plus, it ties in with the marble shelving trend we mentioned earlier, so you could double up on kitchen trends.

They are also practical and easy to clean, and you won’t have to worry about scrubbing greasy grout. Plus, you save the money you would have spent on tiling, because worktops and splashbacks can be installed in one go at no added cost.

Pops of colour

Grey kitchens are once again prominent as people gravitate towards minimalist colour schemes. Overall this has a calming effect, but we think adding pops of colour to your kitchen will become a big trend in 2023. We've talked about adding coloured worktops but if that's not something you want to fully commit to, there are plenty of other ways to add accent colours to your kitchen.

For example in the kitchen pictured below, the designers added a bright blue tap to bring a unique twist to an all-grey kitchen. We think it makes a bold statement and can’t wait to see more kitchens like this.

A grey kitchen with a bright blue tap and decor.
Source: Crosby Studios

Have you seen something that you might incorporate in your kitchen? It’s safe to say we’re excited to see how our customers will execute these kitchen trends in 2023. We’re looking forward to seeing kitchens transformed into additional living spaces, not just somewhere to cook.

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