Our top five kitchen trends of 2021

Our top five kitchen trends of 2021

Want to make sure your kitchen is the height of the style stakes for 2021? Well, the team here at Purple want to make sure you can be proud of the heart of your home, with a stunning trend-led kitchen to give all the neighbours kitchen-envy.

Black on Black kitchens

You may think a bright, light kitchen is something you’ve always dreamed of, but you could maybe try going to the dark side for a more modern look instead. Dark kitchens are well and truly making a comeback for 2021, and a carefully selected kitchen interior, incorporating darker colours, will certainly stand the test of time. The ‘black on black’ look in particular has been emerging as the kitchen trend of choice for a modern home, helping to create a truly dramatic vibe. And, of course, a black base allows you to go wild in terms of pattern; whether that’s colourful appliances, accessories, or even shaking it up with a variety of textures. dark kitchen worktops

Lightwood for the Scandi-style

Scandi style is epitomised by neutral colours and minimalist execution. Some may think that this means a Scandi kitchen would shy away from dark wood, as it is too warm-toned. But the Scandi vibe can still embrace wood, but instead, go for a lighter option. Not only does it look beautiful, but light wood is very much ‘in’ at the moment, so you can embrace the minimalist look and still stay on-trend. These bleached, worn shades are also complementary to a neutral kitchen base, so can help add light and brightness to an otherwise darker kitchen space.

Compact design

If your home is on the smaller side, this trick could work for you. One of the main things we want from a well-designed kitchen is to have everything perfectly within reach and stored away. A compact kitchen design is the best way to go for this, utilising clever storage solutions and tall cabinets to maximise the space you have. By tailoring these fixtures to suit you and the style of your kitchen, you can create a functional kitchen area that works for you. Alternatively, a stone breakfast bar can extend the counter space you might be in short supply of, while not invading your dining or entertaining space. compact kitchen design

Dark worktops

Statement worktops can add such a dramatic dimension to a kitchen. By selecting a dark worktop, you can create a stand out kitchen effect with minimal effort. Most people opt for lighter kitchens to make the space appear larger, but this doesn’t always reflect your personality or preference. In fact, dark kitchens can actually help spaces to not only look on-trend, but make the space appear more cosy and inviting.

Two-toned kitchens

We’re big fans of the two-toned kitchen trend here at Purple, and we love how the style helps to bring colour and interest to a kitchen space. To embrace the trend, it’s important to use colours that really complement each other, to ensure that the mix doesn’t become too overwhelming in the space. From cupboards, fixtures and other appliances, you can embrace the trend in its entirety by utilising a mix of colours in an expert way. Granite is a great way to tie together two elemental colours as a granite stone can contain a multitude of colours, and you can work in your chosen shades around your worktop. two tone kitchen worktops Here at Purple, we are experts in our kitchen and bathroom worktops and can help you choose your perfect stone to suit any style or taste. We are on hand to ensure you find a design that really works for your home, so why not call us today and speak to a member of our sales team on 01562 549100 or email us at sales@purplegranite.co.uk for more information or a free quote. [Images taken from Pinterest]
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