Pantry Organisation Essentials

Pantry Organisation Essentials

A well organised pantry is revolutionary for anyone keen on home cooking or baking, as they not only speed up the cooking process but also the clean up! And whilst it can be tempting to think of the space as a hold-all junk drawer for all the half empty packets and boxes, keeping on top of organisation in the pantry allows for a much easier cooking process.

Whether it’s a pantry cupboard or an entire walk-in situation, keeping things neat and tidy will change the entire look and feel of the space and help speed up the process of digging things out when you need them! 

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All the cupboards: Maximising on storage space is the first essential step in creating organisation as you will never be able to have everything in an orderly fashion if there’s nowhere for things to go! Plus creating an organisation system means that you will have less food waste as you will see and access all your perishables! Having cupboards does not mean you can miss out on clever organisational tricks as integrating sliding drawers, spice racks or crockery storage fits within the neat boundaries of the cupboard units. Cupboards are also perfect for creating custom storage for appliances you want hidden out of sight. 

Going Up: Using levels within the space is another great way to get organised with shelving units. Many people also double up on shelving space using a ladder or step to gain even more space by going higher. This is a great option if you have appliances or items that you rarely use, think that juicer you bought a few years ago or those health food powders you rarely reach for! 

Worktop Space: A great way to help keep tidy sides within your kitchen is to extend your quartz or granite work surfaces into the pantry! Having the worktops within your pantry creates an ideal space for time consuming projects such as waiting for bread to rise as it keeps your kitchen space neat and avoids the possibility of being knocked or spilled in passing. Solid surface worktops are also stain resistant, heat resistant and hygienic and are perfect for food preparation. 

Space it out: Drawer separators are ideal for stopping items toppling over or being stacked too high to use and can avoid spills, especially of bottles stored upright in a drawer. Having wracked drawers can also work well to contain smaller items that may rattle around in a larger space, spices are a good example but any small glass bottle or jar needs this! 

Box it up: Baskets and boxes are excellent as a way to store away messy packets and food containers as the uniformity of having the same type or box or basket automatically makes the space look more organised. What’s more, this is an easy way to categorise produce, and other food items into their uses which makes everything easier to find! Use the entire depth of your shelf space and simply slide the basket out. This storage solution has the benefit of looking great whilst being easy to access- think no lids to take off and everything visible immediately. 

Whether you're looking to totally change up your kitchen or simply add worktops to your pantry, contact us for a free quotation! Our process is easy and quick, and we with our price match guarantee there is no reason to go elsewhere for your new worktops! Contact our team by calling 01562549100 now or emailing your plans or measurements to

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