Planning a Kitchen Renovation with Practicality and Style

Planning a Kitchen Renovation with Practicality and Style

The kitchen, especially in this age of open plan living, really is the central focus of the home. Renovating your kitchen can be a daunting prospect with many decisions to be made that will greatly impact the final look. Designing a kitchen that works practically whilst looking great is a balancing act. 

Consider daily activities when thinking about the structure of the kitchen: will you need a dining table or will most meals be eaten around the kitchen island or breakfast bar? Do you need a designated cooking area if there will be children around the kitchen space? via pinterest 

The usability of the space is imperative - Carefully consider the layout and spacing between. There is no point in having a walkway between your island and run that is blocked when the cupboards are open! Heard of the ‘golden triangle rule’ of different sides for each of the sink, hob and fridge in a triangular shape? Whilst this is a traditional design strategy that works well in most kitchens, you may be looking for something a little more modern and swap this around, particularly if you are using a large island unit which can contain both the hob and sink. via Pinterest

Choose a cabinet style that will look beautiful, fit your colour scheme, but be practical. Choosing a light colour if you have pets that will mark it with grubby stains will not work. Similarly if you want an easy clean then choosing a gloss finish that can be wiped clean is easier than a painted unit where marks need to be handled delicately. The material is just as important as the finish and choosing something that can last a long time is an investment into the kitchen design that will certainly pay off! via Pinterest

Ensuring that there is enough storage, and the right kind whether that be hanging, shelving or drawers to accommodate your crockery and pots and pans. This will not only minimise clutter on your surfaces but will also ensure that everything has its place and is therefore easy to find. Clever storage solutions are a great part of custom kitchen design and another way to make the most out of what you have. via Pinterest

When considering Worktops for a new kitchen, choose Quartz for it’s great price point but excellent performance! The stylish look of glossy Quartz worktops is unbeaten in modern kitchen design - but Quartz is also an exceptionally practical choice for surfaces due to it’s durability, stain and heat resistance, and wide range of colours making it suitable for any kitchen style and design. 

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, talk to us about your worktops! Our team can recommend colours based on price and kitchen design and are experts in what we do. Contact us via email, by phone at 01562549100 or book an appointment to visit our showrooms.

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