Quartz: Did you know?

Quartz: Did you know?

Among the varieties of surfaces that are available on the market, quartz worktops are now one of the most popular choices and we’re not surprised! Not only do they come in a beautiful variety of colours and designs, they are highly practical and ideal for the home. If you have been considering a change of appearance in your kitchen or bathroom, maybe we can help sway your decision... In this blog, we will explore this surface to help you gain a better understanding of quartz worktops! 

Quartz is made from a natural stone that is quarried, it gets crushed down and pressed with a resin which means that generally, 90-94% is quartz and the remaining amount is resin. One of the biggest reasons quartz is so popular is down to the range of colours, patterns, designs (and prices!) which is ideal if you have a specific idea for a worktop in mind. What’s so great about this, is if you are not looking to change your entire kitchen, but wanted to give it a fresh look, you can have new quartz worktop installed to suit your current kitchen. Whether it’s a specific colour, tone or pattern, there is guaranteed to be a quartz worktop that will suit.

Another amazing property of quartz is that it is a non-pourous material, meaning it is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. If there are any accidental spills in the kitchen, or water on the surfaces in the bathroom (which are inevitable), quartz is prepared for it! The liquid will not soak into the material, which means you are able to clear up any mess with ease. As a result of this, your worktop will be very hygienic as bacteria will not be trapped within the surface. Thanks to this, your quartz worktops are going to keep their high-quality look and practicality for much longer.

A slight difference that quartz has to granite is that it can’t withstand the same amount of heat as granite can. Although quartz is still a very durable material, it doesn’t have such a tolerance to extremely high temperatures, but don’t be put off, with a little extra help from heatproof mats, your worktops will remain in perfect condition!

Other than keeping on top of cleanliness with your quartz worktops, there is no maintenance involved. Once installed, you can feel reassured that you will not have to complete any regular maintenance procedures to ensure the longevity of your worktop; another reason as to why this worktop is the ideal addition to any kitchen or bathroom. If you want to make sure your worktops always look brand new, you can regularly clean them with warm soapy water, as well as any cleaning detergents you may use. We’re hoping by this point you can see exactly why quartz worktops are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms! But if you’re still unsure and have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Purple is home to the only worktop showroom and stone manufacturing workshop of its kind in the country! All of our surfaces are made right here in the UK and fitted by our skilled team. If you are considering new worktops for your home, please feel free to get in touch, request a free quote and take a look at our range of surface online.

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