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Thinking about any home improvement project can be daunting, and extensions are no exception. A lot of planning and moving parts make up the process, with each stage from planning, demolishing, restructuring, and remodelling all taking time and money. However, the benefits both in lifestyle and home value can often be clear and extensions are subsequently a very popular option for home improvement! 

There are, of course, several different types of extension projects and each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Adding a basement extension may be an excellent way to create extra space for a playroom, cinema room or lounge, but may fall short of adding significant value to your house when thinking about resale. But creating an extension of any kind, is a cheaper and easier way to upgrade your home than moving and can make your current home meet your requirements and look great doing it! 

Loft conversions can be great in adding an extra bedroom and bathroom space, but may not add to the overall look and feel of the house, particularly if the renovation project becomes a little-used guest area. A single storey living area extension, often at the rear of the house is perhaps one of the most common and this makes sense as the renovation of a kitchen and living area is often one of the most noticeable features of a home and can entirely change the feel of the house.

Extending your living space can simultaneously future-proof and increase the value of the home with modern features such as an open plan living area. Creating additional living space, whilst perfect for growing families, can also ultimately make the house seem larger, lighter, and more cohesive which adds to its value if you are thinking of resale value.

Creating and designing your extension means you can use your experience of your home to decide what features would benefit your family and totally customise your living experience! One of the key benefits of any renovation is personalising the space to fit your needs and a kitchen renovation is the perfect example of this. Always needing more space? Add deep drawer units and clever storage into your island! Obsessed with Bake Off? Why not add proving drawers and a walk in pantry for all your baking needs! 

Another way an extension can totally alter and personalise your home, is by creating a space for entertaining! If you’re someone who loves to have family and friends over all the time, have fun with your kitchen space and incorporate al fresco dining with an indoor/outdoor patio area using large bifold doors and extending your garden furniture colour scheme or style into the home to make the two areas flow. Alternatively, make the most of your outdoor space by facing your main living area out into your garden! If you have a picturesque view you may consider facing your dining area towards the view or making your window the focus of the room. 

Go open plan to increase space, getting rid of smaller rooms such as dining rooms to incorporate the majority of your ground floor into an open plan living area provides great continuity and light within your home - as well as making your house perfect for hosting! Plus using an open plan space provides a great opportunity to create endless different layouts suitable for different stages of family life with little reconfiguring needed! 

If you’re planning a house extension and are having a new kitchen, talk to Purple about our range of Quartz and Granite work surfaces. Work Surfaces are an ideal way to completely transform the look of a space and the sleek look of stone adds a chic element to the kitchen space. If you’re planning and considering options, why not book an appointment to visit our showroom? 

If you have plans or measurements and would like a quote you can email them directly to our sales team at or call 01562549100 for more information! 

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