Small Kitchen Ideas

In a perfect world, we would all be able to have an expansive kitchen with room for every kitchen item your heart desires. However, chances are that some accommodations will have to be made for layout and space restrictions. In this case, incorporating design tricks that maximise the space you have and get the look you want gives the best of both worlds. 

Glass fronted cabinetry - via town and country living

Doubling up on storage is a great way to achieve this, but must be carefully balanced with not encroaching on the light and space of the room. Having cabinets at eye level and above in a lighter colour than the rest of the kitchen units ensures that the room does not appear dark or cramped but also gives a great opportunity for the sides in the kitchen to remain clear if there is ample storage. Using glass in these cabinet fronts has the same effect and always looks chic!

Hanging rack - via Two Feet First

Having hanging storage on the walls is another way to maximise space and this can be done in conjunction with wall units for double the effect. Hanging items such as chopping boards or having a magnetic strip for your sharp knives storage can not only be very practical but also look wonderful. For an old-school kitchen look, hanging pots and pans on a rack from either the ceiling or wall can add a decorative and striking look as well as saving on cupboard space needed for other items.

Kitchen Island/Breakfast Bar - via Living Etc.

If you are looking to have an island for the preparation space or dining space, consider using a butchers block island as they are generally smaller and also contain storage underneath in the form of drawers. Even better, they can often be on wheels meaning, if necessary, they could be pushed to one side if you were entertaining or needed the extra space. As this style has increased in popularity you can also get these islands in different colours and materials rather than the traditional wood. Alternatively, a small island with a breakfast bar can be a great way to add seating without taking up space for a table and this also makes the space multifunctional, perfect for smaller spaces. 

Generally, for smaller spaces, choosing a polished/high gloss finish for elements of the kitchen ensures that natural light is reflected across the space making it seem larger. Also, having complimentary colours for your units and worktops can make even the smallest of spaces seem substantial when carefully chosen and paired. If you’re having a new kitchen, our wide range of products from Quartz to natural stones means Purple have something that suits any colour scheme and can combine to make the perfect finishing look for kitchens, whether small or large!

To get started with Purple, all we need is your kitchen plan or some measurements and we can provide a free quotation. Drop us an email over at or call 01562549100.

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