Stylish Ways to Transform Your Home

Stylish Ways to Transform Your Home

Creating a beautiful, but practical, home environment has never been so important as through the recent months of being stuck in our homes, and with the world opening up and rules lifting, now is the perfect time to update the look and feel of your home. Transforming your home doesn’t need to be costly or take months, some of the best things you can do take just a few hours or days!

Check out our suggestions for some of the easiest ways to transform your home! 

Keeping on theme

Trendy furnishings and accessories remain a popular way to update the look of any room within the home. Colourful rugs and throws as well as mid century modern cabinets, coffee tables and more are all remaining popular. Adding soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, or rugs along a specific design theme or style adds a touch of your unique interior style as well as being an opportunity to keep your space on trend!

Adding Light(s) wherever you go

Skylights and feature windows create much needed natural light that makes spaces invariably look open, clean and inviting. Adding a skylight is a feature of its own and can completely change the look of a dark attic room or hallway. 

Choosing a white, or light coloured surface around the home also emphasises natural light making any space look bigger. Light coloured or sparkle Quartz work surfaces enhance the light within your kitchen, which can often be a darker room within the house, and create a modern look! 

Shelving to Win

Let’s be honest, in terms of home design, the more storage space, the better- and storing your pictures, ornaments and books on open shelving units in your home is a great way to show your individuality as well as styling the room and adding interest to a space! 

Expand upon your home’s original features with an alcove shelving unit in your lounge or make a feature shelving unit in hallways and bedrooms. Building in space for shelving is not only a practical way to use your space but can completely transform a room such as a guest bedroom from bland to totally personal! 

Changing your worktops

Moving from laminate, or wood worktops, to a solid surface such as Quartz, Granite, or Porcelain massively transforms the entire look of your kitchen space. The sleek look of stone work surfaces looks great alongside painted, gloss or wooden cabinetry, and the best part? You don’t need to rip out the whole kitchen! 

Your worktops can be removed and replaced without damaging the cabinets below or incurring the cost of replacing tiles and flooring. What’s more, changing the style of your worktops moving to Quartz or Granite means you have the pick of popular, stylish colours such as marble look Quartz or sleek dark Granites. 

Whilst changing worktops will look great and completely transform the kitchen, it also has the benefits of being a durable, hygienic and stain resistant choice! 

Check out Purple's range of Solid Surface products to see what we have to offer or call 01564549100 to speak to a member of our team! 

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