Two Tone Kitchen Ideas

Two Tone Kitchen Ideas

5 Ideas for a kitchen full of colour!

Creating a kitchen with two tones can be an innovative way to bring your aesthetic into your kitchen design. It can also create a feature of the colour scheme and units. Two shades allows you to integrate different parts of your home’s colour palette whilst not going crazy with too many things going on, creating an effortlessly stylish design. What's more, two toned kitchens pair beautifully with stone worksurfaces as the stone can pick up on the colour scheme and draw together different colour elements.

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1- Shade and Light

Contrasting colours creates a refined look, using a darker colour that is part of your aesthetic and a white or light grey creates a structure to the kitchen. Using a dark with a light colour also gives balance to the look and can stop darker colours from getting too intense. This works particularly well in smaller kitchens where colour needs to be brightened up with a lighter shade to keep the space open.

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2- Focussing on colour

Choosing to make certain features of the kitchen a different colour is a surefire way to draw attention. Many kitchen designs use the island block as a focal point and using a darker colour or a more vibrant shade is a great way to do this.

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3- Up and Around with Lighter Colours

Using a lighter colour at eye level also opens up the floor plan and stops the kitchen appearing crowded by cabinets and units. Choosing a similar but lighter colour creates a tonal or gradient effect for the colour scheme or using white gives an airy effect perfect for modern kitchens.

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4 - Balancing Brights

If there is a specific bright colour that forms part of the colour scheme, choosing a neutral contrast keeps the kitchen looking refined! Blocks of bright colour can be great for drawing attention or creating a feature area, but balancing with neutral colours brings a more subtle effect. One way to do this would be to use natural materials as a neutral colour such as wood finishes.

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5 - Complimentary colours 

Complimenting tones can also be integrated in the worktops as well as the unit colour. For example, choosing a lighter and darker blue shade for the units pairs beautifully with white marble worktops that contain blue veining. Alternatively, natural stones that contain many colours can pick up the tones of the units or form the basis for your colour scheme.

The effect of a two tone can depend on how bold you want to go with the colour combinations but overall is a stunning modern look! If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen and are looking for new worktops, talk to Purple call our team on 01562549100 or email

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