Utility/Boot Room Ideas

Utility/Boot Room Ideas

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A Utility room is one of the most versatile and useful spaces within any home. A Utility not only provides an ideal space to store appliances like washers, dryers and cleaning supplies but also creates a great deal of extra storage and is a room that can get messy or muddy and is easily cleaned making it perfect for those with pets or for families! 

Having an idea of the requirements you have for your utility room is a great place to start in planning and executing to make this room entirely functional for you. Part of having the utility be a practical space is knowing what the uses will be and incorporating storage that suits your specific needs. Built-in units can be customised for hanging space, shoe storage and appliances and the layout and features arranged to suit your lifestyle. 

If you are an outdoorsy family, make a Utility/Boot Room hybrid with customised storage taking into account the types of things you will need to store such as wellies and boots and the way you would like these stored (hidden from view or on display?). Consider hanging space for coats that is easily accessible if they are used regularly rather than cupboard space where things may get hidden away. In this way, a utility can be a transitional space between outdoors and inside where you may stop to remove shoes and boots. If this is the requirement, integrated seating in the form of a bench is a fitting choice and can easily incorporate storage underneath with baskets and hanging space above adding further storage.

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When Pets are a priority for your space, an excellent option is integrated dog beds within your cabinets and cubby hole space for leads and toys that can be neat and tidy. This looks great but also creates a place for your pet that is out of the way, an important feature in a space that will be used constantly!

Painting your utility with the same, or complimentary, colours as your kitchen highlights the way the spaces work together. Linking the two rooms will ensure the spaces feel connected and having cabinetry and hardware that matches further integrates the two rooms and will make the house look ‘put together’ with little effort. Using the same materials and textures will also add to this, for example using the same Stone worktop in both rooms and continuing with the same flooring could be the tie between the two spaces and the cabinet colours and other features could be changed to compliment the feel of the utility. 

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To maximise the space in your utility, which can often be limited, go old school with a hanging drying rack to save on space from laundry piling up on surfaces or a bulky drying rack taking up space. This keeps the laundry completely out of the way so that the room can still be used as a boot room, entrance hall, or pet sanctuary without fuss, plus it has the advantage of that ‘country home’ look! 

Creating a streamlined colour scheme and look between the kitchen and the utility is far from the only reason to continue your stone work surfaces in the space. Having a surface designed for easy clean-up as well as durability is essential in a room that will see so much use, from laundry, to pets, to muddy boots and more. Therefore, having a surface that is hygienic and can be easily wiped to clean is ideal. Also, choosing a backsplash in the same stone as your surfaces ensures an easy to clean area for laundry and pets that will not damage with water splashes, or stain from dirt. Quartz and Granite solid surfaces are extremely durable and easy to clean making them the ultimate choice for rooms that will get a lot of use. 

With our wide range of colours and patterns you are sure to find a stone work surface that will not only work well practically with your needs, but will tie together the spaces of your kitchen and utility. Contact our team if you are thinking of upgrading your worktops or replacing your kitchen or utility- we are always happy to help!

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