What Are Porcelain Worktops?

What Are Porcelain Worktops?

Gaining popularity in recent years, Porcelain Worktops have expanded from use in Bathrooms and as decorative tiles, to a versatile material suitable to make stunning kitchens. 

Porcelain has a wide range of colours and looks meaning there is a suitable colour for every palette but performs well against natural stone counterparts! 

Porcelain slabs or tiles are made from clay and coloured with minerals. As a man-made alternative to natural stones, Porcelain has an ability to create a consistent pattern or look that has the appearance of natural stone. 

Because they are ‘printed’ with the patterning, porcelain can come in different designs that reflect natural stones such as marble and granite but in a constant pattern and slab format. This means that the kitchen, even if it requires multiple slabs, will match and look streamlined. Porcelain slabs can also come in ‘wood’ effects or metallic/rust look which is perfect for industrial ultra modern kitchens. 

The process of creating the slabs of porcelain makes them heat resistant as they are ‘baked’ at very high temperatures and therefore ‘thermal shock’ resistant. They are also highly durable due to their mineral makeup and the fact they are non porous means they are stain resistant and hygienic as they do not absorb anything on the surface. 

Porcelain worktops also come in a glossy finish which is also easy to clean with a simple wipe down and will not lose it’s shine. Alternatively, Porcelain colours in matte finishes do not mark easily and look amazing. All finishes of porcelain are suitable to be work surfaces in busy areas around the home, like kitchens, as they are a very strong, durable material and scratch resistant. 

Porcelain slabs come in thinner than Quartz or Granite counter-parts, starting at 6mm and ranging to 30mm (most colours only come in 20mm maximum). Due to the ability to get thinner worktops porcelain is an excellent choice for the sleek minimal look and modern kitchen worktops. However, certain colours can come in thicker if you are swapping from stone or want the stone look in the thickness. 

Porcelain is a popular choice for worktops due to the amazing patterns and wide range of colours available, but also performs extremely well as a work surface. Compared to natural products it is low maintenance and will not need resealing or treating as with wood or other natural materials. They are also considered a sustainable choice as the material can be recycled. 
If you are looking for a dramatic worktop, the range of patterns available in porcelain materials will suit your needs perfectly. If you’ve ordered a new kitchen, or are thinking of replacing your kitchen worktops with Porcelain, talk to us! Email your kitchen plans or measurements to sales@purplegranite.co.uk, call our team on 01562549100 or book an appointment to visit our showrooms!

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