Where to Spend and Where to Save for your New Kitchen

Where to Spend and Where to Save for your New Kitchen

Whilst spending on a kitchen renovation is a good investment into your home’s value as well as your enjoyment of the space, costs can easily rack up and choices become overwhelming. As the room has so many components to spend on, budgets can be blown with surprising ease! Our suggestions of where to scrimp and where to splash out will allow you to stick to your budget whilst getting the most out of each item you buy for the kitchen and ensuring you achieve the look you want. 

Spend on: Choosing appliances that are on the higher end will not only mean that they will last longer, but also may save money in the long term through being a more energy efficient choice. Purchasing appliances that are functional and energy saving is a clear essential, but don’t forget about these when budgeting and be prepared for the cost to rack up initially to invest in these products. 

One popular example of this at the moment is a boiling water tap, this high tech appliance may eat into your initial spend but will save money on energy with no need to boil a kettle or boil water on the stove top and save water by only using what you need rather than boiling and reboiling the same water for a cup of tea! 

Save on: Reclaiming or reusing wooden kitchen units by painting or varnishing them to suit your style is a great way to save money, especially if your existing kitchen is in good condition. Another option would be to purchase a kitchen second hand, a lot of solid wood kitchen units get sold on as they last for a long time and can be given a new lease of life through sanding and painting. If you are in need of a new layout or have completely changed the layout, purchasing cheaper units is an option as you can have custom cabinet fronts made, for example from https://customfronts.co.uk/ who can customise the finish, look and handles to upgrade the kitchen without the full expense of new units. 

Spend on: Durable work surfaces that won’t need replacing and are the centre of the kitchen design. Nothing catches the eye in your kitchen as much as the worktops, and choosing a material that will last is an investment in your space! Choosing a Quartz, Granite, or Ceramic surface for your worktops not only is a smart choice for their hardwearing, durable qualities, but also means you can choose from a wide range of colours, patterns, and even textures to suit your individual style and ensure you choose something you will love for a long time. 

Save on: Painting rather than tiling can be a cost effective option when considering bringing colour into your kitchen. The benefit of painting is that the kitchen can then be easily updated in a cheap and manageable way if your tastes or requirements change, simply repainting the walls can completely switch up the look of the room. Alternatively, if you are looking for a replacement for tiling that is cost effective, adding an upstand to your worktops is a great way of doing this. Having that small piece of stone that goes up the wall adds continuity to the space but also protects the lower portion of paintwork from the general mess of kitchen use!

Spend on: Good design and installation, choosing a quality supplier and installer that you can trust will make the process much more simple. The designer’s eye will pick up on how you and your family will best use the space and know the resources available to make the kitchen work for you. At Purple our team are experts in what we do and can always recommend a material based on your requirements or style and are happy to help in any way we can to make the installation of your new worktops run smoothly. 

Save on: Using open facing shelving to store goods above eye level is a much cheaper option than traditional wall mounted units, and also gives the perfect opportunity to put together those aesthetic pots and jars filled with dried foods part of the look of the kitchen. What’s even better is that these can be easily reconfigured if you require extra storage at a later date. 

If you’re renovating your kitchen, building an extension, or just fancy changing your worktops, talk to Purple! We can provide a free quotation based on your plans and measurements and have a wide range of products to suit every family and needs.

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