Designing Your Dream Kitchen: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Designing Your Dream Kitchen: Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Designing a kitchen is a large project, and making decisions about every aspect of a renovation can certainly be overwhelming. Whilst it may feel as though there are lots of pitfalls for designing, a few key considerations can make all the difference in keeping the space functional. Here we break down some of the most common mistakes when designing a new kitchen and what you must consider before starting the renovation.  

  1. Not Considering Functionality 

Assessing your needs when thinking about how you will design your kitchen is the most integral aspect of the project, whether that be the actual layout of the space or the components that make up the units and design. Your kitchen must also cater to the way in which you use it. For example, creating a space for seating guests if entertaining is a priority or having the right appliances on hand for your day to day cooking. 

  1. No Counter Space 

Whether it be for preparing food, serving,or dining, having enough worktop space is essential, you don’t want to be caught looking for somewhere to put down a hot pan in a hurry! What’s more, the worktop is not just for food prep and cooking but also for appliances that take up a permanent residence on our sides and therefore require space such as coffee machines, toasters, and stand mixers. Not having enough counter space in the kitchen may well mean that these essential appliances will take up what limited space you do have. 

  1. Undervaluing lighting

Clever lighting solutions within your kitchen can completely alter the impression of the room, and not carefully thinking about the positions and type of lighting can be a major fault in designing and renovating your kitchen. If your kitchen is lucky enough to have ample natural light (or you’ve redesigned it to be this way) then how the room will reflect this light whilst not being too much is a delicate balance to strike. If, like most kitchens you are working with partial natural light but need reinforcements then thinking about how the lighting will diffuse across the space should certainly be a consideration. Choosing gloss finishes and light colours are an excellent way to do this and will reflect light across the space leaving the kitchen appearing bigger and brighter as a whole. 

  1. Not having enough storage 

As the room in our homes in which we probably spend the most time each day, our kitchens need to contain a lot of things and have enough storage that crockery, cooking utensils and food can be stored in an organised manner. In order to do this, you need not only enough storage space, but also the right kind of space whether it be racks for spices or double height drawers for pots and pans. Another consideration, particularly for smaller kitchens, is using cabinets above your worktops for double the storage. 

  1. Choosing style over substance 

When thinking of design choices for our kitchens taking into account how long you want the kitchen to last which, for most people, is a long time! Having a kitchen that will last and will not date is certainly important in the longevity of the renovation, and making the mistake of choosing a product that you may not like, or may degrade, is an expensive error! However, choosing products that are hard wearing and will meet the demands of being used every day for several years is not a light feat. Luckily, with solid stone surfaces from Purple you don't have to choose between style and substance with stylish, sleek quartz, granite and ceramic products available with a 10 year guarantee meaning you can have the stylish look but rest assured your worktops will last!

If you're having a new kitchen, or thinking of updating your existing kitchen, talk to Purple. Our range of products means we have something for everyone from Quartz, Granite, and Porcelain. Book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms or drop us an email on with your requirements and we will be happy to help!

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