Key Elements of the Modern Country Home

Key Elements of the Modern Country Home

The modern country home style is growing in popularity as the trend for highly functional kitchens expands across styles. Whilst this is a classic style choice, there are many ways to bring a trendy and modern twist to it! 

Check out our essentials for getting the country home style! 

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Wood and natural materials 

Essential to integrating the country home look is those natural materials that bring warmth and depth to a space. 

A great implementation of this is something that we, at Purple see a lot of, where the central feature of a kitchen will be either a wooden central island surrounded by complimentary stone work surfaces or a large island with an additional wooden chopping board or butchers block. 

The integration of an island is key in adding preparation, storage and eating space to any kitchen and having a combination of stone and wood can really set off the country/modern dynamic. 

Cosiness (hygge) 

There are many ways to achieve the trendy cosy vibe inspired by those elegant scandinavians! Adding soft materials such as blankets, rugs and cushions wherever possible around the home gives a relaxed and casual vibe to the space. 

In the kitchen cosiness can be a little harder, after all we don’t want those soft fabrics surrounding us when cooking! A great way to incorporate an element of cosiness can be to expose the casual and use it within the space, for example glass jars with your rice, cereals etc. can look great. 

What’s more, cosiness doesn't just have to be soft furnishings, a little texture in a room can go a long way to the atmosphere, an all light kitchen can be softened by a slight texture in the worksurface, something like a speckled effect can add the perfect finish to a space avoiding the stark look of a block of colour. 


Light and Neutral colours give a contemporary feel whilst blending with the wood and natural materials present. A light Quartz can blend in with a natural palette complimenting the tones of wooden floors, and both light and dark cabinetry. 

Drawing attention to the light tones within your kitchen is also an excellent way to reflect natural light and maximise on the space you have! Features such as a white ceramic sink (a butler is extremely popular for the country look) add to this. 

At Purple, we’re experts in helping our customers choose the right worktop for them and their style! We have such a variety of stones and can match any colour scheme! 

If you’re looking to renovate or just refresh your kitchen we can certainly help, all you have to do is send your plans or measurements over to and one of our team will get back to you.

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