Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

It’s no secret that a modern kitchen can elevate the look and feel of a home, as well as the value! But with so many options of how to create the modern look, what are the core ideas to fall back on to get that ‘insta perfect’ kitchen design?

Whilst there are many interpretations of how to make a kitchen look and feel modern, one thing is for sure, sleek, stone worktops are an essential element of the modern, luxurious kitchen! And whilst we’re definitely biased to amazing Quartz and Granite surfaces for kitchens, here are some of our other suggestions for elevating your kitchen decor. 

Starting with the basics, cabinetry! Whilst wooden cabinetry and painted doors will always be a strong classic look, why not consider a gloss finish for an ultra modern look? Pairing smooth stone, particularly in a gloss finish, alongside stone work surfaces creates a streamlined, timeless look. What’s more, gloss cabinets reflect the lighting within the kitchen making the most of the space you have and creating the appearance of a larger, more open room. No need to make more space when you can maximise what you already have! 

Whilst it’s wide availability and array of colours are a great feature of gloss cabinets, one of the most notable (and useful) is it’s durability. Easy to clean and maintain, gloss cabinetry is easily wiped of all the usual kitchen smudges, spills and stains. Creating an ultra refined kitchen, whilst maintaining ease of use makes glossy finishes a great choice for the modern look. 

Creating a textured look, combining textures, although a small feature, can have a massive impact on the overall look of the kitchen and is often overlooked. Especially when considering the sleek look for a modern kitchen, using texture to avoid looking flat is essential. Mixing up the elements with natural materials such as a wooden butcher's block or glass splashback is an excellent and easy way to do so. Using patterns to contrast can also add a chic textured look whilst remaining refined. A patterned worktop next to solid cabinets, textured tiles with a smooth gloss quartz worktop are both subtle, but noticeable ways to create texture in your kitchen. 

Finding understated minimalism in your kitchen is another excellent way to incorporate a modern look, in an everything-has-its-place kitchen the contemporary kitchen design can really shine. Clean lines throughout the space, with handless doors and hidden storage spaces add to the streamlined look and make the space clutter free, always a benefit! If you are having an island or breakfast bar, why not add storage space with drawers and cabinets below. 

Staying tidy is also made much easier by creating functional storage spaces such as a breakfast cupboard or larder cupboard, which have become extremely popular over the last few years! The benefits of these kinds of cupboards are far-reaching, from hiding appliances such as microwaves and coffee machines, to having custom storage perfect for those items that easily look messy such as spices or breakfast cereals. 

Finally, compliment sleek kitchens further with plain glossy quartz worktops and emphasise the clean lines of the room, or consider a marble effect to add a chic touch. At Purple we are experts in finding the perfect worktop to suit your space and helping you transform your kitchen. Talk to our team and we will be happy to help you find the perfect stone to suit your needs. 

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